About Us

ENCORE MLS founded at 2019, after long analytical instrumentation journey with Pioneer brands of sector including wide various customer portfolio such as Chemistry, Pharma, Lifescience and Biotechnology. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is finding right solution to progressive demands of biotechnology & lifescience market with new and unique technologies.   Being competitive against to market leader brands with solution based approaches and following innovative technologies for custom solution services 

Our Vision

For sustainable progress and profit:  Offer an innovative approach to bespoke projects and creating new demands on biotechnology & lifescience market.   Making progress on our infrastructure to supply better services in order to increase customer loyalty.   To be most demanded brand in biotechnology & lifescience market   SUSTAINABILITY is OUR KEYWORD 

What we are doing?

Mining- Analytical Instrumentation Spectroscopy & Chromatography services Special chemical supplement Turnkey solutions for new sites & projects Consulting services Biotechnology & Lifescience Sterilization systems services Decontamination solutions for BSL zone Lyophilization solutions Special chemical and biologic supplement

Carbon/Sulphur Analysis

1 Gram Weight 764-078 Part No: E2747 OEM Parts: 764-078 Adaptor sleeve for C4356 combustion tube Part No: E4357 OEM Parts: None Available Antimony Trap Tube 773-106 Part No: C4319 OEM Parts: 773-106 Bitumen-Asphalt CHNOS standard 30g See Cert 210977 Expiry 16-Jan-27 Part No: B2209 OEM Parts: None Available Brass Brush 619-591-969 Part No: E2393 […]

Sample Encapsulation (Capsules, pans, discs and squares)

Aluminium Capsules Pressed 10.5 x 9mm pack of 100 Part No: D3104 OEM Parts: Aluminium Capsules Pressed 11 x 8mm pack of 100 Part No: D3103 OEM Parts: Aluminium Capsules Pressed 11.5 x 7mm pack of 100 Part No: D3102 OEM Parts: Aluminium Capsules Pressed 12 x 6mm pack of 200 Part No: D3006 OEM […]

Reference Materials

2,5-Bis(5-tert-butyl-2-benzo-oxazol-2-yl) thiophene (BBOT) OAS 5gm See Certificate 414626 Expiry 06-Feb-28 Part No: B2046 OEM Parts: SC0420 2,5-Bis(5-tert-butyl-2-benzo-oxazol-2-yl) thiophene (BBOT) OAS See Certificate 414626 Expiry 06-Feb-28 1g Part No: B2044 OEM Parts: 33835210, E11012, 31048, SC0418, C10-023 2-Iodobenzoic Acid OAS 1gm See Certificate 113360 Expiry 25 Apr-26 Part No: B2021 OEM Parts: 3,5-Dinitrobenzoic Acid OAS 1gm […]


‘Universal’ Combustion Additive Fine Powder Sample Additive 1gm VANADIUM COMPOUND UN3285 6.1 Part No: B4007 OEM Parts: 650-00008 Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Granular 0.85 to 1.7mm 50gm Part No: B1127 OEM Parts: Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Granular 1.7 to 3.35mm 100gm Part No: B1126 OEM Parts: Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Spheres 3 to 6mm 250gm Part No: B1093 […]

Quartz & Metal liners

Ash crucible Quartz 38.00-1290 Part No: C3054 OEM Parts: 38.00-1290 Quartz Insert for 18mm Reactor (220mm) pack of 2 C10-061 Part No: C1125 OEM Parts: C10-061, E12531 Quartz liner 25204510 Pack of 5 Part No: C1127 OEM Parts: 25204510 Quartz Liner for 18mm reactor (245mm) pack of 2 (For use with C10-081/C10-084) C10-062 Part No: […]