Other Operating Supplies

10 CV Vials Pack of 5 240 30000

Part No: E7609
OEM Parts: 24030000

18mm bottom fittings complete with interconnecting tubing and fittings FlashEA1112

Part No: F6200
OEM Parts:

32A Wrench 205 01610

Part No: F5165
OEM Parts: 20501610

Absorbent Discs 3.5mm 502-283 pack of 100

Part No: E2105
OEM Parts: 502-283

Al Seal 11mm PTFE Faced Septum 38606040 pack of 100

Part No: E2301
OEM Parts: 36806040

Al Seal 20mm PTFE Faced Septum 38606035 pack of 50

Part No: E2311
OEM Parts: 38606035

Aluminium Ferrule 2mm 29034045 pack of 10

Part No: F4506
OEM Parts: 29034045, 080002

Aluminium Ferrules 1.6mm (1/16) 29034044 pack of 10

Part No: F4540
OEM Parts: 29034044, 1121130, 80026

Blanking Cap Brass 35036103

Part No: E2099
OEM Parts: 35036103

Blanking Nut Brass 35045100 pack of 1

Part No: E2050
OEM Parts: 35045100, 080013

Blanking Nut Brass 35045100 pack of 10

Part No: E2216
OEM Parts: 35045100, 080013

Blanking Nut Stainless Steel 35045400

Part No: E2036
OEM Parts: 35045400

Blue Flexible Tubing Polyurethane 5x3mm 42010000 3m

Part No: E4404
OEM Parts: 42010000, 080012

Bottom adapter (kit) 347 01808

Part No: F5166
OEM Parts: 34701808

Cap Large PTFE for E2171

Part No: E2174
OEM Parts:

Cap Small for E2171

Part No: E2173
OEM Parts:

Ceramic Stop High Flow 782-079-110

Part No: C4061
OEM Parts: 782-079-110

Chart Paper Z Fold 35265000 pack of 2

Part No: E2068
OEM Parts: 35265000

Cleaning Brush 601-981

Part No: E2154
OEM Parts: 601-981

Cleaning Tool 205 00625

Part No: F5113
OEM Parts: 20500625

Column Fitting 6 to 2mm Stainless Steel 34715401

Part No: E2035
OEM Parts: 34715401, 091107

Complete Vials 2SVW (pack of 100) 240 14019

Part No: E7610
OEM Parts: 240 14019

Cone Replacement Kit AS128 19004157

Part No: F2201
OEM Parts: 19004157

Connector Brass 2mm 4 Way 34736100

Part No: E2096
OEM Parts: 34736100

Cooling Fan 120mm 240VAC 18W 40600300

Part No: F2401
OEM Parts: 40600300, 99005

Copper Gasket 38mm Pack of 5 E1000609

Part No: E2781
OEM Parts: E1000609, SC0033, SC1926

Copper Gasket 64mm Pack of 5 E1000608

Part No: E2780
OEM Parts: E1000608, SC0032, SC1925

Copper Rod 140mm C09-007

Part No: D6006
OEM Parts: C09-007

Delay Timer 0-120 seconds 23903100

Part No: E2013
OEM Parts: 23903100

Doping Vessel Kit Chloropentane

Part No: E2220
OEM Parts:

EA3000 12mm empty trap assembly P01-108

Part No: E1580
OEM Parts: P01-108

End Fitting Adsorbtion Trap Connection 350 08455

Part No: F5163
OEM Parts: 35008455

Ferrule PTFE 2mm for E2171 pack of 4

Part No: E2172
OEM Parts:

Filter Diameter 18mm 03002399 pack of 1

Part No: E1174
OEM Parts: 03 002 399

Filter Diameter 18mm 03002399 pack of 10

Part No: E1174-10
OEM Parts: 03 002 399

Filter Discs 25mm pack of 12 N2410237

Part No: E2019
OEM Parts: N2410237

Filter Discs Glass pack of 12

Part No: E2011
OEM Parts: 0240-0137, 0240-0137A

Fitting for 12mm trap P01-107

Part No: E1581
OEM Parts: P01-107

Furnace Core 1106 w/o thermocouple 35411200

Part No: F2102
OEM Parts: 35411200

Furnace Core 1500/1108/1110/2000/2500 w/o thermocouple

Part No: E2138
OEM Parts: 354 50010,

GL14 screw cap 05 000 049 (C10-101)

Part No: E2517
OEM Parts: 05 000 049, 11062563, C10-101, E13515

GL18 Blanking Cap Red pack of 2

Part No: E2539
OEM Parts: None Available

GL18 Screw cap 05 000 044

Part No: E2518
OEM Parts: 05 000 044

Knurled Retaining Nut Brass 35041101

Part No: E2097
OEM Parts: 35041101

Lance Assembly Complete 616-147

Part No: E2199
OEM Parts: 616-147

Lance Holder Block 783-275

Part No: E2197
OEM Parts: 783-275

Lance Holder Cover 783-276

Part No: E2198
OEM Parts: 783-276

Large Adsorbtion trap Co2 Without Fast Connectors 281 13064

Part No: F5162
OEM Parts: 28113064

Large Spatula For NA2000 205 00620

Part No: F5108
OEM Parts: 20500620, 20500521

Manually operated drill 11.00-0500/4

Part No: E2521
OEM Parts: 11.00-0500/4

Metal Swarf Crucible NA2000/2100 25205000

Part No: D6005
OEM Parts: 25205000

Micro Porous Crucible 502-489(10 pack)

Part No: E2388
OEM Parts: 502-489

O Ring Nitrile for E2120 pack of 2

Part No: E2121
OEM Parts:

Olive 2mm Stainless Steel 29004045

Part No: E2100
OEM Parts: 29004045

Particle Filter 768-980

Part No: E2151
OEM Parts: 768-980, 11180, 633-101-460, 11170

Pinch Valve Tubing 601 -691 ft

Part No: E2150
OEM Parts: 601-691

Powder filling funnel (large) with silicone tubing outlet

Part No: E2527
OEM Parts: 34.00-0099/4

Powder filling funnel (small) with silicone tubing outlet 34.00-0051/4

Part No: E2526
OEM Parts: 34.00-0051/4

Printer Paper American Letter 8.5 x 11 x 600 sheets 601-483

Part No: E2152
OEM Parts: 601-483

Printer Ribbon 601-484

Part No: E2153
OEM Parts: 601-484

Program Timer 0-12 minutes 23903100

Part No: E2012
OEM Parts: 23903100

PTFE Tube 6mm x 4mm x 1m 42001700

Part No: E2115
OEM Parts: 42001700, 36730

Purging Valve Autosampler Slide Type 40523005

Part No: E2102
OEM Parts: 40523005

Ratchet Cam Spring Carousel 1108/101500II2000/2500 Stainless Steel

Part No: E2134
OEM Parts:

Ratchet Spring Carousel 1106 1108 1500 Stainless Steel

Part No: E2135
OEM Parts:

Reaction Furnace 1106 Refurbished Exchange

Part No: F2100
OEM Parts:

Reaction Tube Fitting Kit PTFE 11 to 2mm for C1060 Tube

Part No: E2171
OEM Parts:

Reaction Tube Stainless Steel 46820050

Part No: E2159
OEM Parts: 46820050

Receptacle Insert CHN Rapid 22127313/4

Part No: D6001
OEM Parts: 22 127 313/4

Recorder Pen 35265100

Part No: E2069
OEM Parts: 35265100

Reduction Furnace 1106 Refurbished Exchange

Part No: F2101
OEM Parts:

Reduction Tube Plug W/O Flange Copper 2400 Series

Part No: D6004
OEM Parts:

Reduction Tube Plug With Flange Copper 2400 Series

Part No: D6002
OEM Parts: N241-1333

Replacement furnace Flash EA with 18mm and 25mm adaptors

Part No: E4410
OEM Parts: 35460021, 35460022, 35460018

Retrieving Wire

Part No: E2101
OEM Parts: N241-1274

Sample Drop Plate Stainless Steel FP328/428 606-121

Part No: E2230
OEM Parts: 606-121

Screw Cap 8-SC (Set of 5) 386 06085

Part No: E7612
OEM Parts: 386 06085

Screw Caps 8-SC Pack of 1000 386 06073

Part No: E7606
OEM Parts: 38606073

Scrubber Tube Assembly 170mm x 10mm x 1/8 spare tube & seals

Part No: E2120
OEM Parts:

Scrubbing Tube Kit Water 28113100

Part No: E2350
OEM Parts: 28113100, E12531

Seal Large for E2171 pack of 4

Part No: E2175
OEM Parts:

Seal Piston FP228 328 428 528 CHN1000/CNS1000 601-883

Part No: E2238
OEM Parts: 601-883

Secondary (screen) Filter 775-306

Part No: E2235
OEM Parts: 775-306

Septa for FLASH 2000 injector (set of 50) 313 03230

Part No: E7614
OEM Parts: 313 03230

Septa for waste bottle (set of 5) 313 03218

Part No: E7613
OEM Parts: 313 03218

Septum Liquid Injector 31303200 pack of 50

Part No: E2360
OEM Parts: 31303200

Septum Liquid Injector 31303209 pack of 50

Part No: E2361
OEM Parts: 31303209

Set of ball valve half shells 10mm 15.00-0005

Part No: E2532
OEM Parts: 15.00-0005

Set of ball valve half shells 14mm for vario MACRO cube 21.00-0008

Part No: E2533
OEM Parts: 21.00-0008

Set of ball valve half shells vario EL, vario MACRO (non-cube) 11.00-0053

Part No: E2530
OEM Parts: 11.00-0053

Silicone Grease 501-241 150gm

Part No: E2158
OEM Parts: 306-00001, 501-241, 905.200.080.001, 92610, SC2264, SC1722, 29000057, A00000236, 3 200 043 879, JW-L040000001

Sleeve Ceramic 7 x 40mm pack of 10

Part No: D6003
OEM Parts: 0240-0810A

Slider Autosampler AS50LS NA1500 37001101

Part No: F2223
OEM Parts: 37001101, 91101

Small Water Adsorption Filter Fittings with Silicone O-rings

Part No: E2342
OEM Parts: None Available

Solenoid Valve 4W 40519015

Part No: F2176
OEM Parts: 40519015, 99015

Solid sample preparation kit E23-003

Part No: X5153
OEM Parts: E23-003

Solid sample preparation kit including manual press 5mm pellet diameter

Part No: X5152
OEM Parts:

Spatula 501-614

Part No: E2462
OEM Parts: 501-614

Syringe 100ul Hamilton 80665/00 36500204

Part No: E2362
OEM Parts: 36500204

Syringe 10ul 80mm SGE S002124 36502019

Part No: E2365
OEM Parts: 36502019

Thermal Chart Paper Roll 24806400

Part No: E2067
OEM Parts: 24806400

Thermocouple 40320000

Part No: F2153
OEM Parts: 40320000

Tool For Lower Fitting EA 205 00628

Part No: F5164
OEM Parts: 20500628

Tool for replacing O-rings for MAS200R

Part No: F2225
OEM Parts: None Available

Tube Connector Push Fit 35034108

Part No: E2034
OEM Parts: 35034108

Tube Coupling 18 to 2mm Lower Reaction 34709518

Part No: F4510
OEM Parts: 34709518

Tubing Connector 2mm to 2mm 34744100

Part No: E2094
OEM Parts: 34744100, 080017

Tubing Coupling 2mm Stainless Steel 34739133

Part No: E2095
OEM Parts: 34739133

Tubing Nuts 2mm 35040403 pack of 10

Part No: F4523
OEM Parts: 35040403, 080001, 1121370, 14-0070

Tubing PTFE 2 x 1mm x 2 metres

Part No: E2030-2
OEM Parts: P12-077

Tubing PTFE 2 x 1mm x 5 metres 42001501

Part No: E2030
OEM Parts: 42001501, 42001500, 14-0085

Tubing PTFE 4x2mm 1m 420 01600

Part No: E2211
OEM Parts: 42001600

Tubing PTFE 4x2mm 5m 42001601

Part No: E2213
OEM Parts: 42001601

Tubing PTFE 5mm OD x 3mm ID 0.5m

Part No: E1058
OEM Parts: 03 651 011

Tubing Stainless Steel 2 x 1mm x 3 metres 39102500

Part No: E2033
OEM Parts: 39102500, 080011, 14-0129

Upper Seal AS128 PTFE Between Sample Tray & Cone Body 29003195

Part No: F6112
OEM Parts: 29003195

Vial Receptacle Nickel 2400 Series

Part No: D6000
OEM Parts: N241-1335

Vial Solvent 4ml ST 4SVQ (Set of 5) 240 14032

Part No: E7611
OEM Parts: 240 14032

Vials 10ml 24074020 pack of 100

Part No: E2310
OEM Parts: 24074020

Vials 2.5ml 24070005 pack of 100

Part No: E2300
OEM Parts: 24070005

Washer Capilliary Tube Stainless Steel

Part No: E2098
OEM Parts:

Zirconia Cloth

Part No: E2051
OEM Parts: N241-0168

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